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Re: anchor bolts

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terrence turner wrote:
>         I would like to know in anchor bolt design whether the threads are
> in the shear plane or excluded from the shear plane.  What is the general
> rule of thumb about threads that are in the shear plane or excluded from the
> shear plane?
>         Thanks for your help,
> Jon Turner
Your question is very general!  There are several factors influencing
the anchor bolt's shear load capacity in addition to the "position" of
yhe acting shear load. If in your design, the shear load is acting on
the anchor bolt's threaded section, and the mode of failure is steel
failure, the stresssed cross section includes the thread. On the other
hand, if the load is through the solid shank, the cross section is
calculated accordingly. If you are talking about post-installed anchor
bolts, you have to evaluate the published ultimate or working loads. 
Some manufacturer like Hilti and UCAN (in Canada) indicate that the
shear load published is through the solid shank or the thread, and
advise you on the reduction if the testing was done through the shank
and your application is through the thread. If you need more help,send
your detiled e-mail to me.


Paul Mariai P.Eng.