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Re: computer program

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     The Corps of Engineers has a number of structural programs available 
     through their Waterways Experimentation Station in Vicksburg, MS.  I 
     believe that these are public domain, with the user having only to 
     provide the disks.  These programs are generally DOS based and written 
     in FORTRAN.  One of the many programs available is CORTCUL, program 
     number X0024, "Design of Reinforced Concrete Orthogonal 
     Culvert/Conduit".  Contact Gloria Nayler at 601-634-2581 to obtain 
     more information on how to obtain the programs.
     John Hubert

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Subject: computer program
Author:  dnae(--nospam--at) at Internet
Date:    7/24/97 3:05 

Hi everyone :
                   I'm looking for  computer program to design culvert 
                   under ground  with surcharge from cars and truks
                  thanks  for the information
                           Dvae Anderson  P.E.