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Wood on Steel Studs

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Our office spent a lot of time trying to dig up a current ICBO report of
wood sheathing over steel studs.  ET&F Fastening Systems Inc. makes a
pneumatic pin for attaching wood sheathing to steel stud walls.  They have a
current ICBO report (Number 4144) for wood shear walls over metal studs with
their proprietary system.  Ratings are given for various steel gages, pin
diameters and horizontal and vertical applications.

Aerosmith Inc. was pursuing an ICBO listing for a similar system at that time.

We have not yet seen these systems in use and would be interested in any
testimonies.  We have received lots of heat from Contractors trying to screw
wood panels to 16 gage studs.  So the idea of a pneumatic fastener seems
like a good one for this application.

We also have the Angeles Metal Systems ICBO Report (1715P) and don't find
any reference to shear walls in the text.  Perhaps this is a recent addition
as our copy of the ICBO report is dated September 1993.

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