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Re: computer program

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> From: Roger Turk <73527.1356(--nospam--at)CompuServe.COM>
> To: INTERNET:seaoc(--nospam--at)
> Subject: Re: computer program
> Date: Monday, July 28, 1997 5:05 PM

> Yes, particularly when you have to click on an icon, get a
> pull-down menu that requires either a click or double-click,
> which gives you a dialog box that requires you to scroll thru
> some items, then gives you a dialog box that says, "OK" and when
> you click on that it exits the program.

That sounds like menu items to me. Yes, they are cumbersome. The
icons though (should) do the task you want to do directly.

> <Does DOS have [multi-tasking] capabilities?>
> Yes, it's called DeskView from Quarterdeck, could be used with
> 286 processors, and was out long before Microsoft started
> thinking about copying the Mac's operating system.


The problem I had with DeskView is that all the apps ran in 8088
mode-->very slow.
> A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
> Tucson, Arizona
> P.S.  Seriously, I took Windows off this computer when I got it
> and don't even know (or care) where the disks are right now!  I
> can't figure out what the icons mean, and am too impatient to do
> all the clicking and double-clicking that Windows requires.  When
> I found that I could start AutoCad without the on-screen menu, I
> took that off.  If I had to use the AutoCad on-screen menu, I
> would still be drafting manually.  Oh, yes.  There is one thing I
> know how to do in Windows - Get out of it (ALT-F, X)!  Then I can
> do some serious computing! 

I too was an old DOS dog and told my colleagues that I would be the
last to go to Windows. While it appears that I wasn't the last, I really
needed to get an environment that would do many things at the same
time. I really HATED Windows 3.1 mainly because it did not handle
resources very well. If I just started Win 3.1 and loaded ACAD with
my add-in software (Softdesk), I would only have about 46% of my
resources available even though I had 32MB of ram. I was told and
I believe resources have nothing to do with ram. As most folks know,
when Win 3.1 got below about 30% available, it became unstable.
Worse yet, when I closed a program, it would not necessarily reallocate
these resources so I had to reboot a lot.

Now that I am in Win95 (B version) and (hopefully) through all of my
crashing episodes, I am very happy and productive. I don't know if I
could or would give up all of my "cut and paste", faxing from apps, have
everything open that I want habits. I have never been so productive. I do
wish OLE would work better.

Bill Allen