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Bridge Questions

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I am working on rehabilitating two bridges that were built in the late
forty's.  I need to know what the material strengths might be.  The
original plans state structural or intermediate grade reinforcing steel
A.S.T.M. 15-39 or rail steel bars A.S.T.M. A16-35.  The plans also call
for class A and class B concrete, I'm not sure what these were in the

I also have a question about timber piles.  Can you drive steel piles
through them (or at least drill through) or is it cheaper to remove
them?  Just in case you are wondering, they're about 41 feet long.

Does anyone know of a cheap or free program that finds live load moments
and shears for a continuous 5 span bridge?  Nothing fancy, just moments
and shears for one design lane.  I would like to double check the
program I am running now.

Thank you,

Chris Towne, E.I.T.