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Re: Bridge Questions

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> I am working on rehabilitating two bridges that were built in the late 
forty's.  I need to know what the material strengths might be.  The original 
plans state structural or intermediate grade reinforcing steel A.S.T.M. 15-39 
or rail steel bars A.S.T.M. A16-35. < 
For grades of steel used in the past, refer to CRSI Engineering Data Report 
No. 11.  Structural Grade had a specified yield of 33 ksi; Intermediate Grade 
had a specified yield of 40 ksi; and rail steel had a specified grade of 50 
> The plans also call for class A and class B concrete, I'm not sure what 
these were in the forty's. <  
The classes of concrete were likely defined in the original construction 
specifications - without the specs, it's anybody's guess.  (I'd assume 3000 
psi minimum for structural concrete, or have it tested.)