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Epoxy Anchors

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I have encountered a situation where a building department is questioning
the use of epoxy anchors.  The construction type is Type II One Hour.
There is an existing building that is being modified with new openings.  I
have used epoxy anchors to attach steel framing to reinforce the opening.
I have also used them to attach steel framing at a new slab opening.

The building department has basically indicated that epoxy anchors can't be
used for Fire Resistive construction. I have checked the ICBO report and it
has this same wording.  (My first thought was that the anchors could not be
used for type II F.R. but would be okay for  type II one hour.............)

All of the anchors are loaded in shear so I am not concerned that the
connection might fail quickly because the epoxy "melted" during a fire
(which might be a concern in a tension application.)

Is this a real issue that means only expansion anchors can be used in these
types of applications or is there a rational way to justify the epoxy
anchors to the building department.

Harry Jones II S.E
San Mateo, California