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Re: Bridge Questions

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On 30 Jul 97 12:09:49 EDT  Roger Turk wrote:
>The 1957 AASHO Bridge Specs is as far back as I go.  Concrete
>classes are defined there (2.4.5) according to their intended
>"Class A or Class (AE) concrete shall be used for all
>superstructures, except as noted below, and for reinforced
>substructrures except where the sections are massive and lightly
>reinforced.  The more important items of work included are slabs,
>beams, girders, columns, arch ribs .... ."

At least here in Montana, the concrete classes are defined within the state specs.  In fact, this is the 
first I've heard of AASHO definitions for them.  The state DOT bridge bureau normally keeps copies of the 
old specs. and can tell you what the strengths were at that time.  That's important because the strengths 
generally change from time to time while the Class stays the same.