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Re: URM: Shear and Tied Veneer Walls

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Historically speaking I remember LA EQ division never allowed the veneer to 
be counted for shear or H/T analysis.

The only allowance given was for the ties. If the walls had original 
veneer ties at 24" o/c in each direction then you did not need to add 
new veneer ties. (Tests were required).

I have always discounted the veneer for shear or H/T analysis.
They always tend to crack and separate from the brick behind them.

Most veneer used in those days were glazed brick and do not believe have any
mortar at the collar joints. But I have seen hundreds of URM buildings with
any combination of possibilities that your imagination will allow.

If there is no historical value to the brick then remove the 4" wythe and
it with gunite and you would not encroach beyond the property lines either.
Make sure you dowel the gunite to the URM wall properly and drag the forces
into the gunite panel. Use the dead load of the URM to reduce you overturning
and if you need more mass then thicken the bottom of the wall to 8" to get
performance and reduce the soil pressure.

Good luck and if you need more info call me.

Ara Maloyan P.E.