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Re: Bridge Questions

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>I am working on rehabilitating two bridges that were built in the late
>forty's.  I need to know what the material strengths might be.  The
>original plans state structural or intermediate grade reinforcing steel
>A.S.T.M. 15-39 or rail steel bars A.S.T.M. A16-35.  The plans also call
>for class A and class B concrete, I'm not sure what these were in the
>I also have a question about timber piles.  Can you drive steel piles
>through them (or at least drill through) or is it cheaper to remove
>them?  Just in case you are wondering, they're about 41 feet long.
>Does anyone know of a cheap or free program that finds live load moments
>and shears for a continuous 5 span bridge?  Nothing fancy, just moments
>and shears for one design lane.  I would like to double check the
>program I am running now.
>Thank you,
>Chris Towne, E.I.T.
ASTM A 15-58 T tensile requirements for intermediate grade deformed bars
were 70,000 to 90,000 psi tensile strength and 40,000 psi minimum yield
strength.  I am not sure whether the 1939 version was the same.