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Re: URM: Shear and Tied Veneer Walls

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At 01:40 AM 7/31/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Historically speaking I remember LA EQ division never allowed the veneer to 
>be counted for shear or H/T analysis.
>The only allowance given was for the ties. If the walls had original 
>veneer ties at 24" o/c in each direction then you did not need to add 
>new veneer ties. (Tests were required).

I believe there is a minimum 200# veneer tie capacity required.

>I have always discounted the veneer for shear or H/T analysis.
>They always tend to crack and separate from the brick behind them.
>Most veneer used in those days were glazed brick and do not believe have any
>mortar at the collar joints. 

True statement.  Plus the lack of the header course between the veneer and
the brick wall makes the shear transfer between two very questionable.

I would disregard vener for the purposes of the in-plane shear and H/t


Sasha Itsekson, P.E.
Huntington Design Associates, Inc.
Oakland, CA