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Re: Wood truss

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The MidWest Plan Center at Iowa State University publishes an excellent
pamphlet "DESIGNS FOR GLUED TRUSSES", #MWPS-9, specifically for
agricultural applications.  Mine is the 1981 edition.  It will answer
all of your questions, except for OSB (they use 1/2" plywood).  Maybe
they've updated it to include OSB, but I doubt it.

Their order phone is 1-800-562-3618.

Lew Midlam


Ed.Haninger(--nospam--at) wrote:
>      I have a wood truss design that I would appreciate feedback on.  This
>      truss is to be used for roof support on a barn.  It uses 2x4's (flat
>      side out) for chords and diagonals with OSB "gussets" nailed on both
>      sides.  The trusses have a 20 foot span, 4:12 side slope and spaced at
>      24" on center.  The nails are to be driven and "clinched" (bent over
>      on the far side).  With the double shear on 10d nails I need 6 nails
>      per member on the largest loaded connection.  Some connections are not
>      concentric, so this number would go up.
>      Things I was wondering about:
>         1) Will OSB work OK vs. plywood in this application?
>         2) What is the recommended nail spacing and edge distance?
>         3) Any other special considerations for gusset size?
>         4) What is the best way to brace the bottom chord for wind uplift?