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Re: CONC Slab Uplift

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     Is the column steel or concrete?  How is it connected?
     If the connection is not limiting, then wouldn't punching shear govern 
     even though the load is in the opposite direction as typically 
     John Hubert

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Subject: CONC Slab Uplift
Author:  sickler(--nospam--at) at Internet
Date:    7/31/97 5:31 

First, thanks to all who responded to my request for repeat of 
information on concrete slabs for machinery.  I received exactly 
the information I needed.
I have another concrete slab question that I could use some 
help with:
I am evaluating a 4" slab on grade with no edge beams or footings. 
At one column location, there is an uplift load of 2.5 kips.
Given that the slab is thin and flexible, it would appear that 
the uplift load would engage a portion of the slab in bending.
The highest uplift reaction occurs in the middle of the slab, away 
from the edges; but I am also interested in behavior near the edges.
How would you determine what portion of the slab resists the uplift 
load and then how would you evaluate the design moments in the slab?
Any suggestions or references would be greatly appreciated.
Nina Sickler