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CMU - Need help with Temporary bracing of 40'-0" tall x 12" CMU walls

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The local building official called to ask it I can help with a 
local problem.
Saks Fifth Avenue is building a new structure in Palm Desert. 
The walls are CMU - 32' tall at 12" thick and 8' above with 8" 
CMU. The structural diaphragm won't be constructed for about a 
month and the city want's the walls braced ASAP.
The engineer of record is not responsible for shoring and 
bracing as noted on their plans and letter written to the 
building official (and I don't blame them personally).
I am not qualified to design bracing for these walls since I do 
very little with slender wall design - nor do I want the 
liability - especially for one month.
The contractor is Snyder - Langston out of Los Angeles.
If anyone is interested in providing this service, please 
contact me ASAP by email so that I can pass the responses along. 
I am expecting to hear from them tomorrow morning.

Dennis S. Wish PE