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Re: CMU - Need help with Temporary bracing of 40'-0" tall x 12" CMU walls

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I am not really interested in providing the shoring design for these
walls.  However, if this contractor has any experience in providing
temporary bracing of concrete tilt-up walls, I would suggest they use
the same system.  Burke and others have standard tables for their braces
that a contractor can easily use to pick off the proper size and spacing
of the braces needed.


Dennis S. Wish PE wrote:

> The local building official called to ask it I can help with a
> local problem.
> Saks Fifth Avenue is building a new structure in Palm Desert.
> The walls are CMU - 32' tall at 12" thick and 8' above with 8"
> CMU. The structural diaphragm won't be constructed for about a
> month and the city want's the walls braced ASAP.
> The engineer of record is not responsible for shoring and
> bracing as noted on their plans and letter written to the
> building official (and I don't blame them personally).
> I am not qualified to design bracing for these walls since I do
> very little with slender wall design - nor do I want the
> liability - especially for one month.
> The contractor is Snyder - Langston out of Los Angeles.
> If anyone is interested in providing this service, please
> contact me ASAP by email so that I can pass the responses along.
> I am expecting to hear from them tomorrow morning.
> Sincerely,
> Dennis S. Wish PE