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Re[2]: WD - 1 1/8 " plywood pressure treatment

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You may want to try speaking with Dennis Haywood of the Western Wood Preservers 
Institute at 360-693-9958.

John Hubert

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Subject: Re: WD - 1 1/8 " plywood pressure treatment
Author:  gatensby(--nospam--at) at Internet
Date:    8/1/97 3:17 

>I am working on a school project which will be using 1 1/8" pressure 
>treated plywood.  The project architect wonders if DSA or the School 
>Districts will be concerned about VOC or "Off Gasing" of the plywood due 
>to the chemicals used to treat the plywood.  Does anyone have a response 
>to this question?  The Architect has been trying to contact APA with no 
>success and I said that I may have more luck posting the question here.
APA is probably not the best source of info, the Architect should try and 
contact the
Preserved or Treated Wood Association. I'm sorry I do not know the correct 
name and address for the US organization, maybe somebody else could provide 
In Canada there is
Canadian Wood Preservers Bureau (613) 232-5967 
Canadian Institute of Treated Wood (613) 737-4337
They (or their US counterpart) should have specific information on VOC's, as 
well as other hazards of pressure treated plywood  (whatever you do, don't 
eat it  ;)
Maura Gatensby
Vancouver, Canada