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Re: CONC Slab Uplift

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> This is exactly the issue I am wrestling with.  My question stems from a
> situation that came up about two years ago.  We were designing a 170'
> long
> slab for airplane T-hangars where the center line of columns were spaced
> at 21' and had alternating uplift loads of 6.8 kips and 0.8 kips
> (unfactored).
	I wonder if the pilots who will be parking their $40k to $200k airplane
in the hanger expect that during a wind storm or earthquake the hanger
does not fail.  They will probably be very upset if the hanger door is
jambed due to building sway and they can not get the door open.

	If the column were at the edge of the slab I would never use the slab
for uplift or bearing without thickening it.  If the column is in the
middle of the slab I can understand your situation and may consider
using the slab with a substantial increase in reinforcing.  I wish you
good luck.

Jim Dane, P.E.