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Re: CONC Slab Uplift

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Bill Sherman wrote:
> Per Lew Midlam:
> > ACI-318-95 is for "Structural" concrete.  A slab on grade is not
> considered a structural element for resisting uplift (see chapter 22). <
> I do not concur with this statement.  A slab on grade is not a structural
> element when it transmits non-structural loads directly to the soil beneath
> it.  When it transmits load reactions from the structure, it is a footing and
> is definitely a structural element.

If you want the slab-on-grade to be a footing, then you better design
the slab as a structural flat slab to be spanning between the columns. 
there is no way a 4-inch slab can span between columns, unless the
column spacing is only 10 feet on center.  Be prepare to hear from the
owner's attorney, when the slab cracks and upheaval.  Your statement
should read "When it is CAPABLE to transmit load reactions from the
structure and still servicable, it is then part of the structure".

Tom Chiu, SE
Thomas Engineering