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Re: CONC Slab Uplift

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Specifically, refer to para. 22.2.2.  A 4" thick unreinforced
slab-on-grade does not qualify under a), b), or c) of that para., when
subjected to a concentrated uplift load.

An argument can be made that it might qualify under a) for a downward
load (in which case the slab is contiunuously supported by soil), but
not for an uplift load.

Lew Midlam, PE


Bill Sherman wrote:
> Per Lew Midlam:
> > ACI-318-95 is for "Structural" concrete.  A slab on grade is not
> considered a structural element for resisting uplift (see chapter 22). <
> I do not concur with this statement.  A slab on grade is not a structural
> element when it transmits non-structural loads directly to the soil beneath
> it.  When it transmits load reactions from the structure, it is a footing and
> is definitely a structural element.