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Re: WD - 1 1/8 " plywood pressure treatment

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Preservative-treatments for plywood are typically water-based formulations.  If CCA is used, no odors or off-gassing occurs.  If ammonia-based ACA or ACZA is used, an ammonia odor may occur until the panels are fully dried, then no odor will occur after that.  ACA or ACZA are used for Douglas fir; but CCA is used for southern pine and often for plywood of western species, although it is more difficult to treat Douglas fir effectively with CCA. The treating specs are AWPA Standard C9 or C15 for plywood, with preservative retention levels of 0.25pcf, 0.40pcf or 0.60pcf.  For ground contact, 0.40 or 0.60pcf should be specified.  Drying of panels after treatment to 19% or less m.c. is recommended, although not all treating companies have facilities for kiln-drying treated panels.

I don't understand why the architect wasn't successful in contacting APA.  If he put in a call to the regional APA Field Services Division representative, they are often out of the office (home) during the week on calls, although Friday is usually a good day to reach them. He could also call APA's home office in Tacoma (253-565-6600) and reach the Help Desk, which is staffed during weekday work hours.
John Rose/APA, Tacoma, WA