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RE: shareware

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Mark, when I wrote the shareware review, I did not realize how 
involved their site was. I did a search on Yahoo and found the 
file on the following web page. The file COA32.ZIP is listed in 
their 1/07/97 issue at the bottom of the sheet which is 
contained in the file (385KB). I really use this 
program. There is one thing to remember that is not well 
documented. COA changes all references in the registry and 
elsewhere, but you must physically move the files to the new 
address you designated - COA will not do this. It's easy, but 
you need to know that once COA is finished all references are 
made to the new address. Some programs record the change in 
their options files and don't automatically read the registry. 
IExplorer is one of them that references the location of mail 
storage in the options menu. Therefore, if your program can't 
reference data files, you may need to change the reference 
manually in the properties or options menu.
Mark, this sound much more complicated than it is. The program 
is great and is the only easy way I know to change the location 
of windows based folders and files. Good luck
Dennis Wish PE