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Re: Floor Vibrations

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Chris Towne asked:

<<Does anyone have a solution for dampening floor vibrations in a lobby 
area where adding partitions is not feasible?>>
AISC's traveling road show this year includes a session on Control Of Floor 
Vibrations which includes techniques to solve your problem.  In addition the 

AISC Steel Design Guide Series #11, entitles Floor Vibrations Due To Human 
Activity, will be published this year.  It may already be available for 
purchase; check with AISC.

The researcher behind these documents is Dr. Thomas Murray of Virginia 
Polytechnic University in Blacksburg, Virginia.  He has methods that involve 

strengthening structural members and/or adding active control devices.  You 
could also check out Dr. Murray's 1991 Engineering Journal (AISC) article on 

floor vibrations.

Good luck,

Rick Drake, SE
Fluor Daniel, Inc.