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On Tue, 05 Aug 1997 16:47:44 -0700  Michael D Zaitz wrote:
>I am wondering what would be the best route for me to go for 
>does not seem to be any restrictions on the practice of structural 
>engineering with a SE versus a PE (civil).  Will this possibly restrict 
>me later on? 

If I were doing it, I'd go ahead and get the PE first, because that's an easier exam, then go for the SE 
later.  It may not make much difference in Georgia now, but that's likely to change in the future, and it 
would help you out if you do work in other states.  We don't have the SE here at all, so I haven't messed 
with it, and in my government job it doesn't much matter, anyway, but if I were in private practice I'd 
get both.

No, you wouldn't have to re-take the PE if you want to work in other areas later on.

Nigel Mends, PE