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Re: Advice on PE vs SE

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> There does not seem to be any restrictions on the practice of structural 
engineering with a SE versus a PE (civil).  Will this possibly restrict me 
later on?  If I took the civil and passed, then later worked in a 
multi-disciplined firm, after becoming familiar with say site layout, could I 
then seal plans for them w/o retaking the test?  Is there any distinguishing 
difference between an SE and PE in Georgia?  Elsewhere? < 
I don't know much about Georgia, but in the short term I would recommend 
getting the PE (Civil) license first - it will be the most versatile for 
general work and reciprocity with other states.  However, in the longer term I 
would suggest getting both, as limits may become more prevalent on how each 
license can be used.   
Some states require a civil license before getting a structural license, 
others treat each as independent licenses, and some states won't even consider 
structural experience as valid towards getting a civil license, so there is no 
set "rule".