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I would suggest that you go for PE first and then go for SE after a few
years of practice in structural engineering. It may not be financially
rewarded to pass the SE as some previous posts mentioned. I think I got
$2.5/ hr raise and a promotion when I passes my SE 7 years ago.  It's
quite a challenge to take the SE exam but a bit too long (16 hours) in
California.  So if you are looking for challenge, take the SE. If you
are looking for financial benefit, ask your boss before you take the
exam.  I think most firm do pay SE more than PE unless the PE can do
sale better than the SE.

In my opinion, PE exam in california does not test your practical
skills, it is more like another version of academic exam.  SE exam is a
more practical test.  I remember I took a couple of days off to prepare
and refresh myself about various subjects like steel, wood and concrete
etc.  That's all it takes and if any practical engineer should be able
to pass it.  Don't be discourage by others. Go for it.

Tom Chiu, SE
Thomas Engineering

Michael D Zaitz wrote:
> I am wondering what would be the best route for me to go for
> registration.  I am currently working for a structural engineering firm
> in Albany, GA.  This is the only company that I have worked for since
> graduation.  Georgia has now adopted the Structural I exam in addition to
> the typical Civil exam.  Based on this I will be required to take the
> structural exam due to my experience being strictly structural.  There
> does not seem to be any restrictions on the practice of structural
> engineering with a SE versus a PE (civil).  Will this possibly restrict
> me later on?  If I took the civil and passed, then later worked in a
> multi-disciplined firm, after becoming familiar with say site layout,
> could I then seal plans for them w/o retaking the test?  Is there any
> distinguishing difference between an SE and PE in Georgia? Elsewhere?
> Any ideas?  I would appreciate any insight into this.
> Thanks,
> Mike