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RE: Subject:UBC - Discrepancies between various printings

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From:	Ian Robertson [SMTP:igr(--nospam--at)EQE.COM]
Sent:	Wednesday, August 06, 1997 10:18 AM
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Subject:	Subject:UBC -  Discrepancies between various printings

Someone has noticed a few discrepancies between various 
printings of
the UBC.

ICBO has published several erratas to the 94 code.  In the 
to the first printing, published in Sept. 94, one of the many 
is to replace Tables 23-I-F, 23-I-G and 23-I-H with the ones 
in the errata.

The 1996 Accumulative Supplement to the 94 UBC then reprints the
tables in another format, with different values for certain
conditions..  I have also found equations written differently in
different printings but have not found these changes listed in 
errata.  Probably because the end numbers don't change.

The errata are published after every new code release for about 
first three printings.  Then an Accumulative Supplement comes 
at the beginning of the third year.  This is no different from 
91, 88 and earlier codes.  The have all had errata packages for 
first several printings.  The first printing has the most 
changes and
some people in our office keep saying they will never again buy 
first printing.  They always do.  I expect to see the first 
errata to
the 97 in about a month or two.

Oh yeah, the courts do expect you to stay up to date on all 
changes and produce a perfect product.  Isn't life wonderful?

Ian Robertson

[Dennis S. Wish PE]  Imagine creating software with errors and 
then charging again for the corrections. Isn't this what ICBO is 
doing by publishing and selling Errata's???