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Re: 3-10% error in nail tables

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Brian Veit, P.E. wrote:

"There has been some discussion of conflicting 
values in the code with respect
to nail values, which vary by 3 to 10 percent, and 
the resulting problems if
liability were an issue.

Does anyone really believe that our design is so 
tight that if the nails were
only 90% of what we thought they were, the design 
would fail?"

The nail allowable load values differ by 3 to 32%, 
not 3 to 10%.  The 3-10% referred to required 
penetration. I wouldn't worry a great deal about 
10% but 32% is significant!  

The bigger question though is how ICBO should take 
responsibility for its errors. These codes are 
adopted by cities, counties and the state to 
protect the public safety.  A requiste amount of 
care in their accuracy or correction needs to 
happen. Publishing in an obscure supplement which 
we must pay outrageous prices for is not adequate, 
IMHO.  Maybe there should be a registration of the 
code books and notice then given to code 
purchasers where errors have been made.

Bill Cain, SE
Oakland, CA