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Re: 3-10% error in nail tables

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Dennis S. Wish PE wrote:

> ...In another post I compared this to creating a
> software with many bugs and then charging a fee
> to correct the
> problem...

Consider for a moment two examples from the
software industy.

MSDOS 6.1, 6.2x.  I remember paying extra, (though
not too much) for disks to repair what were widely
perceived as faults or defects in the original

It is now common for a software publisher to
create a web site where you can download patches
for free.  Perhaps Errata for the UBC's could be
handled similarly.

By the way.  When I purchased the 1994 (first
printing) code (alright, my boss actually paid for
it), it came with the errata sheets attacted to
it.  First thing I did was incorporate the errata
items into my code book.  I've seen others who
simply toss the eratta sheets aside.

Stan Johnson
BS, EIT,  BTW - I'm not "official" yet, but I've
passed the PE   :))))