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FIRE - Fire damage to unreinforced brick wall.

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I know that we've already covered fires before
(Yes, I'm looking through old postings for info,
but I have a co-worker who wants me to post the
specifics of this case.)

Very old unreinforced brick wall building (perhaps
two wythes).  Similar brick building next door
(air gap 1" or less?) burned down.  Planning on
demoing wall of building that burned down and then
taking cores of wall on store that did not burn

The inside face of the wall of the store is
painted in places.  This paint did not peel. The
mortar was checked by scraping and prodded with an
awl.  On the portions of the wall not next to the
burned down store, the mortar had a very light
whitish color and did not scrach off easily.  On
the wall next to the burned down store, the mortar
on the inside seemed fairly sound, however it was
easier to scratch off material than on the other
walls.  On the outside portion of the wall (at an
elevation above the burned out neighbor's wall)
the mortar was whitish in color, scratched off
readily, and could be penetrated by direct
pressure with the awl point.

The building has a wood framed roof and probably
lacks a contemporary seismic tie system.

Anyone have any insight, suggestions, evaluation
criteria, et cetera


Stan Johnson
BS, EIT, Please excuse the doozie of a spelling
blunder on my post early today.   :, -(