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Advice for Professional Journal - Independent A&E

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First: This is not intended to be an advertisement for my new 
journal. If you feel that this post is inappropriate for this 
list please let me know and I will refrain from this type of 
discussion. My apologies if I offend anyone, it is not my 

I have announced the creation of "Independent A&E" - a quarterly 
electronic journal intended to be a subscription service and 
aimed at any small office Architect, Engineer, designer or 
supporting associate or student to the building industry.
I have discussed my proposed content and goals with a few of you 
in private, but I realized that I was missing the most important 
comments which is the basis of this new journal.

I need to know what each of you would want covered in the 
content - obviously from an engineering opinion. The following 
list is what I intend to cover initially, but I want to make 
sure that the opinions of the each engineer is weighed in my 
decision as to what is to be published - obviously space is a 

1. Editorials
2. Tutorials
3. Software reviews
4. Summaries of work by professional organizations and links to 
committees for readers comments. Hopefully to promote 
unification of professional organizations.
5. Information regarding national committee work that is 
currently being done by email, fax, phone and other mediums.
6. Internet, Listservice, Newsgroup support and education to 
help A&E's get online and be heard.
7. Issues related to architects and engineers - a platform for 
8. Summary and comment on Listservice subjects.

So far this is the list of idea's. I feel that it is extremely 
important to support Listservices, Newsgroups and other methods 
of communication between engineers. I also feel that it is 
important to unite the individual A&E so as to remind the 
national and local professional societies that the work that 
they do is built upon the strength of the individual (which I am 
inclined to believe has been forgotten).

Finally, inasmuch as there are already organized professional 
societies working through lobbies to promote change in 
legislation, I don't want to reprint what is available. However, 
I would like to create links to this information and update it 
regularly to that each individual A&E knows where the source can 
be obtain. AND, I would like to start a lobby of independent 
A&E's to help convince each professional organization of the 
importance of making their work available to the international 
community and creating access by individuals through the 

Again, I apologize if you feel that this is not an appropriate 
subject, however I can think of no better place to consider your 

Dennis S. Wish PE
Editor & Publisher "Independent A&E"