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RE: Architectural Engineering

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Subject:	Architectural Engineering

What is architectural engineering?  I have seen references to it 
talked to some people but no one seems to know what it is.


[Dennis S. Wish PE]  Architectural Engineering is a term used 
for education's that originate in a Polytechnic (PT) institution 
that provides an education combining architecture and 
engineering. The student generally does not declare his area of 
expertise until after graduation and experience in either 
architecture or engineering.
My opinion is mixed in this area, however, I feel that  PT 
education's produce architects that have a better understanding 
for structures, but are still not qualified to design structural 
elements until they complete sufficient engineering work 
experience. Unfortunately, this is not the case in my area where 
architects with an Architectural license begin doing their own 
structural design as soon as they can stamp plans.

A little education is a dangerous thing - sometimes!

Dennis Wish PE