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RE: Architectural Engineering

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Like PT, the University of Wyoming has also had an ABET accredited
Architectural Engineering curriculum for a number of years.  The student
chooses a curriculum that ephasizes either Structural or Mechanical (HVAC,
Piping) engineering.  The "structural" architectural engineering students
attended every structural design course that I did as a "civil with a
structural emphasis."  While my other "fill-ins" consisted of
Transportation and Hydrology courses, theirs' consisted of spec writing,
estimating, and advanced detailing courses.  I suppose licensing hinges on
whether they work under the direction of an architect or an engineer after
graduation.  I know of Architectural Engineers with Civil P.E.s, who could
also sit for the S.E. exam.  I chose the Civil curriculum because the
increased job opportunity in rural areas, but looking back, I think that
the AE curriculum would have suited me better as a structural engineer
emphasizing in building design.    In my opinion, upon graduation they are
no less able to start a career in structural engineering than a civil with
a structural emphasis.

>[Dennis S. Wish PE]  Architectural Engineering is a term used
>for education's that originate in a Polytechnic (PT) institution
>that provides an education combining architecture and
>engineering. The student generally does not declare his area of
>expertise until after graduation and experience in either
>architecture or engineering.
>My opinion is mixed in this area, however, I feel that  PT
>education's produce architects that have a better understanding
>for structures, but are still not qualified to design structural
>elements until they complete sufficient engineering work
>experience. Unfortunately, this is not the case in my area where
>architects with an Architectural license begin doing their own
>structural design as soon as they can stamp plans.
>A little education is a dangerous thing - sometimes!
>Dennis Wish PE

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