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Need opinion on wood framed ledger connection

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I have an unusual problem that some of you may offer a solution to:
My architect wishes to maintain his "trademark" architectural detail. The
condition is as follows.
1. The roof trusses (gang-nail type plated trusses) stop short of the
bearing wall and bear upon a wood ledger.
2. Where the ledger spans openings, it becomes a beam - which, by the way,
is easier to deal with since it generally ends upon a bearing wall.
3. The ledger is bolted to the exterior 2x6 stud wall by installing 4x6
"studs" at 32" o/c in the wall and rather than lagging the 4x10 ledger to
it, I use a machine bolted connection - 3/8" threaded rod with 2" plate
washer and nut. I recess the plate washer and nut into the 4x6 to allow for
a clean exterior finish - (I have not yet designed the bolted connection,
but believe it to be one through bolt @ 32" o/c staggered - should be
4. The shear transfer is trickier. I need to block from the roof down to the
ledger. The ledger bolted connection should calc sufficiently to transfer
shear into the wall and the plywood panel nailing at the exterior face of
wall will be boundary nailed to the 4x6 posts.
The condition looks something like a vertical face to the end of the trusses
and then a "gutter" look at where the exterior stud wall is built up with a
2x on it's side to create a reveal.

Now the question. This is similar to a balloon frame but the eccentricty of
the load has me concerned. The beam braces the wall at approximately 11 feet
from finished slab.
Am I correct to bolt the ledger through considering the effects of time,
drying of the ledger (I am in the desert) and any out-of-plane effect of the
wall. Would a lagged connection be better?
Should I consider framing the outside wall in 2x4 and every other joist use
a 2x6 cut to be flush to bottom of the ledger - effectivly giving the ledger
a 2" support on the framing?
Am I just getting too tired and burned out that I am making a bigger deal of
this than it is?????

This job is suppose to be done tomorrow, but every time I look at the plans
I find another condition that needs to be detailed. Your opinions on this
matter would be greatly appreciated (after I get some sleep).

Dennis Wish PE