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Raising of structures

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There are obviously 100's of highly eductaed very intelligent structural
engineers out there--I need your help.

Now that the Bhima thing is hopefully over with it is now on to business.

I represent a manufacturer of a hydraulic devise with a process
(confidential) to raise sunkin' structures to their original position.  Most
commonly, this devise/process would be used on homes where the water table
rises and falls in dramatic sequence resulting in a cracked or sunkin'
structure.  The process incorporates the use of a hydraulic jack that
'pushes' steel support beams down to bed rock where they are 'drilled' for
secure support and through the hydraulic devise actually raises the
structure.  Concrete is used to backfill.    5' of clearance is all that is
required and there is no disturbance of outside landscaping or interior
structure--no heavy/large equipment is required.  There is a lifetime
guarentee with this process.  It has been used on about 30 structures to date
and has a US Patent--each 'unit' can handle up to 20 tons.  A 2 story brick
home may require up to 5 of these units.  The service would be provided to a
homeowner by an outside contractor'.  There is a large company that supplies
a service similar to this BUT it requires tearing up lanscaping/floors, etc.
due to large equipment.....

I have several questions:

1.  What regions of the US would this devise be in high demand?
2.  What types of companies would provide this service to a homeowner?
3.  Do you know of anyone who may be interested in purchasing the devise or
purchase rights to a state or region?
4.  Does this process make sense?

Please respond directly to SalesEagle.............

Many thanks.