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Residential Design Load -Reply

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fyi - UBC live load for residential is 40 psf all areas, except exterior
cantilevered balconies are 60 psf.  I would look for the stair LL to match
that required for the use/occupancy served unless it's an exit facility for
an occupant load of 10 or more per table 10-A, but footnote 5 to table
16-A of the '94 UBC may require all exit stairs @ 100psf?  Occupant load
for any residential use or other bldg is based on the area divided by the
occ ld factor in 10-A.

>>> <Cengrx2(--nospam--at)> 08/10/97 09:32pm >>>
While performing the design for several residential structures, I've been
curious about  the recommended minimum design loading for stairs. In
particular, ASCE 7-95(as does BOCA, UBC, etc.) recommends a 30 psf
loading for sleeping areas and 40 psf  "for all other areas except
balconies".  It also recommends 100 psf for stairs. In lieu of worrying
this in the past, I played it conservative and used 100 psf for the stairs.
However, since  single family homes includes only 3.5 people(or is it
is the 100 psf loading too conservative?

Charlie Canitz, PE
Bel Air, MD