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RE: Galvanized Box Nails and Common Nails

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Subject:	Galvanized Box Nails and Common Nails

General question regarding use of common and galvanized box 
nails in plywood
shear walls.

Per UBC table 23-I-K-1 you are allowed to use either common 
nails or
galvanized box nails for the nailing of the plywood sheathing, 
with no
reduction  in design capacity based upon type of nail used.  For 
each size of
nail (8d, 10d, etc.), the box nail has a smaller shank diameter 
than the
common nail and a smaller shear capacity (UBC table 23-I-G). 
 Does this mean
that the plywood is the limiting factor, and if so why require 
the use of
Common nails which have tendancy to split wood more than the box 
nail.  If
the galvanized box nail is allowed for shear panels per table 
23-I-K-1 why is
the box nail not also included for horizontal diaphragms (table 
 Does anyone have any information on this.

Thanks in Advance.

Michael Cochran

[Dennis S. Wish PE]  Michael, on a recent visit to a job site, I 
pulled some nails from a box labeled Common Box nails. If it 
wasn't confusing enough, the box indicated that the nails were 
the same. These came from White Cap. Another box on the site was 
clearly labeled as Sinkers.
I thought the problem was the difference between Sinkers and 
Common (Box) nails. Sinkers definitely have a smaller shank 
diameter and less head area. The Sinker can also be identified 
by the "X" or "Diamond" patterned head.
Now, I am not sure how to specify other than Common nails. I 
have also gone as far as to copy the standards of another 
engineer I am friendly with. He places a full sized detail (cad 
generated) of Common Nails which you can hold a sample to for 
comparison of it's length, shank width and head size.
Please let us know what you have found.
Dennis Wish PE