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RE: CONC - Stripping of Deck Forms

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Subject:	CONC - Stripping of Deck Forms

I have a project in Santa Monica, which is 3 stories of wood 
over a
structural concrete deck over parking.  The deck is specified as 
4000 psi
concrete.  The contractor wants to know if he can strip the 
forms after 7
days, assuming the concrete has reached full design strength.  I 
am hesitant
to let him do this because I am afraid the concrete will not be 
quite cured
enough and the early removal of the forms may result in some 
problems.  As an alternate he has offered to reshore at 7 days 
with posts
spaced further apart than the original shores.  His goal, of 
course, is to
save money by returning the rented shores as soon as possible.

Any thoughts and/or experience with this issue would be much 
appreciated as
they are scheduled to pour on Friday and are looking for an 
answer from me

Thanks in advance for your advice / opinions.

Bruce Resnick

[Dennis S. Wish PE]  Bruce, concrete is not my strong suit, 
however, I would go with your gut feeling. Even if cores were 
done to verify the average strength, how can you be sure that 
the cure is uniform throughout the entire area.
My opinion is to wait at least two to three weeks before you 
even consider removing the forms. Why gamble with safety of the 
occupants to save a few weeks in construction?