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Re: Need opinion on soil condition

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Horning, Dick/CVO wrote:
> But what if it's an MH soil?  With only PI to go by, we don't know which
> type Tarek is dealing with.

True, but I commented on CL soils.  MH and ML have their own sets of
problems to deal with.

My question would be why is he asking on the SEAOC server and not asking
the Geotechnical Engineer of Record.

As for inert fill I should also have indicated that the LL should be
less than 40.  Thanks for the correction.

Arvel Williams, P.E.

> > For most USCS "CL" soils with reasonable moisture contents, i.e., near
> > or above the PL, and PI < 15, swell potential is very small.
> >
> > Soils in this PI range, with <60 -#200 sieve can be specified as inert
> > fill, provided moisture and compaction are monitored during
> > construciton.
> >
> > Arvel Williams, P.E.
> >
> >
> >