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Re: RE: CONC - Stripping of Deck Forms

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There's a couple of things to be considered here:
1.  Strength:  The concrete must be of adequate strength as indicated by
*field-cured* cylinders.  What's wrong with removing an area of formwork and
immediately installing reshores to support the concrete, thus preventing
deflection, creep, etc.?  It's done all the time and if done properly the
concrete is not subjected to significant stresses.  
2.  Stiffness (i.e. E):  You're certainly correct that just because concrete
is strong enough it may still creep if it must span before it has developed
adequate E.  Reshoring prevents problems with this.  A month would not be too
long to leave the reshores in place. 
3.  Curing:  If the forms were to be left in place only to help cure the
concrete, there's less expensive ways to do that. 
4.  If there are any superimposed loads on the slab/beam being reshored of
course those must be adequately supported also, as in multi-story
construction where the formwork is reused and the reshores extend several
stories below the active story. 

Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E. 
Richmond CA