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LOAD - Golf Tees

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My question for today:

We are designing a two-level tee line structure for a golf driving range.
 The golfers can walk around up top and drive the golf balls into the great
beyond.  The question has come up as to what is the appropriate live load for
such a case.  The Code does not address it.  Our preliminaries were based on
a 100 psf live load, which is easily justifiable, but the owner wants to know
if we can reduce it.  I've told him that we need the 100 psf at the back of
the tees becasue this is a "exit", but I would look for a reduction in the
tee box areas.  Since the tee areas are cantilevered 12' witha 7' backspan,
the live load is a considerable issue.

If anyone has desgined one of these, and can give us a design load precedent,
I can probably sell that to the Building Department.

Lastly, should I trade my fee for time at the driving range?!

Thanks, and Happy Golfing,

Bruce Resnick