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RE: LOAD - Golf Tees

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>My question for today:
>We are designing a two-level tee line structure for a golf driving range.
> The golfers can walk around up top and drive the golf balls into the great
>beyond.  The question has come up as to what is the appropriate live load for
>such a case.  The Code does not address it.  Our preliminaries were based on
>a 100 psf live load, which is easily justifiable, but the owner wants to know
>if we can reduce it.  I've told him that we need the 100 psf at the back of
>the tees becasue this is a "exit", but I would look for a reduction in the
>tee box areas.  Since the tee areas are cantilevered 12' witha 7' backspan,
>the live load is a considerable issue.
>If anyone has desgined one of these, and can give us a design load precedent,
>I can probably sell that to the Building Department.
>Lastly, should I trade my fee for time at the driving range?!
>Thanks, and Happy Golfing,
>Bruce Resnick
Dear Bruce:

Does the second level of the driving range have a railing?  If not,
isn't this a building code violation, an OSHA violation, a safety
hazard, and a professional liability concern?  If there is a railing,
doesn't it get in the way of the golf balls.
I apologize in advance if these are stupid questions.

In response to your question, based on occupancy, I would think that 50
psf would be plenty.

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.