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Re: Roark & other formulas for stress and strain

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If you want a 'quick & cheap' conservative calculation, convert all of
the forces from all of the flange bolts into a single concentrated load
at the center of the plate.

If you're going to make 10,000 of these and want to save every penny you
can, then about 4 hours on a PC with ANSYS or NASTRAN will get you darn
close (8 hours if you want to model gap elements between the flange and
plate, and pre-tension in the bolts).

Lew Midlam, PE
Dave Evans wrote:
> Yes, similar to a column on a base plate (I should have used that
> analogy),  except the pipe column is not welded to the base plate.
> The pipe is welded to a flange (as one sees on pipe in refineries or
> treatment plants), and the flange is bolted to the square plate.
> Also, the plate is simply-supported around its edges, not just bolted
> at four corners.