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Re: Concrete Pile Damage

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Bruce Swanney wrote:

> 2. Steam curing was specified but not done.
> "Conventional"
> (compounds, water...) curing was.
> 3. Could the heat from the concrete be
> significant?  No special
> measures were taken to dissipate the heat.
> Members with a
> maximum dimension of 24" are reasonbly common
> here and no special
> measures are normally taken.

Steam curing not done?  Stuff could have been far
too weak when stressed.

Usually, I would not expect 24" to be a problem
unless you've also got aggravating factors (such
as a hot mix design (Type III cement, accelerator,
high cement content, perhaps water reducer and low
water content) - which would seem likely in
prestressed).  Hmmmm.  24 inches, hot mix, water
cured... perhaps they made the mix extra hot in
hopes of making strength despite not having a
steam cure.  They hit the outside with cool water
to keep the stuff from drying.. viola! Big temp

Stan Johnson
BS, EIT, Maybe I can get a job writing conspiracy
novels about truckers who don't clean their trucks
after delivering powdered sugar....   :)