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Braced frame questions

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Questions for a retrofit of one story URM  building with slab on grade,
wood roof framing, new plywood diaphragm and a store front braced frame.

Would an inverted "V" brace not be chevron bracing since the frame is not
supporting any floor or gravity loads?

The bracing connections need to have the strength to resist the minimum of
(2211.8.3 1994 UBC):
Pst,  3(Rw/8) and the max. force that can be transfered to me brace by the
system. These requirements are to prevent brittle failure of the bracing
connection, right?

I would think that the later criteria would be the ultimate strength of the
shear transfer connections from the diaphragm, and if this is plywood, wood
framing and bolted connections, this could govern, if I felt comfortable
with determining ultimate values for wood? Simpsons ultimate values for
HD's are from 3- 5x the allowable. 

Lastly do you have to design the foundation anchorage and .85xfoundation DL
to resist uplift for the increased strength requirements of 2211.8.3. I got
a "yes" from one colleague, however,
I would think that the increased required strength would only apply to the
combined shear and tensile strength of the steel anchor bolts and base
plate and not the anchorage strength in the concrete? The anchorage would
be designed per service load or strength design of sec. 1925 with a 1.33x
increase. The strength design method appears to give higher values.

Any replies would be appreciated.

Jeff Smith