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Re: Wood framed walls

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Stucco is concrete.  Generally, it has exterior exposure.  Reinforcing in
concrete  exposed to weather is required to have 11/2" cover for protection
against corrosion.  Stucco is never installed with that amount of cover over
nails and lath.  

Old stucco (1920's, and 1930's) will often be found with detachment from the
framing due to corroded nails and lath.  This condition is most commonly
found near roof drains, adjacent to faucets that have had leaks over the
years, and adjacent to irrigated planting areas.   The metal elements corrode
and break, and the stucco cracks, sags and bulges under its own weight.  I
believe that old stucco, even if it looks good and seems sound should be
suspect since, even though it may not have failed under its own weight, it
may be a seismic failure waiting to happen due to corroded elements that have
lost most of their original strength.