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Re: DRFT - Dedicated Drafters vs. Engineers Drafting Their Own

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>We may soon have an 'opportunity' to reorganize
>the way that drafting is handled in our office and
>we want to take a poll on two approaches.
This question doesn't have an answer until you know why you're changing 
and what people are doing now. If you're getting engineers to draft in 
order to reduce head count, that's the way to do it, although there's 
likely to be collateral damage. If your engineers are good CAD drafters 
_and_ have the time to do the extra work _and_ believe that the change 
isn't just a company ploy to get more work without paying for it, it will 
work. If not you'll have trouble, you may eventually get it sorted out 
but you may be in for a major re-staffing.

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