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Another disclaimer we are noticing from geotechs in our area is this one:

"(XYZ Geotechnical) makes no warranty for the results and recommendations
contained in this geotechnical report unless (XYZ Geotechnical) is also
named as project inspector for the earthwork compaction/pile driving & testing/
retaining wall construction/ whatever." This seems a bit 'easy-squeezy' to me.

And I'm not aware of any jurisdiction or private client asking, except in
an informal way, for peer review or consultant check of soils reports.

We're way up in the 'boonies' of NW Washington dense glacial till and/or
overconsolidated marine clay. Either you got 10,000psf or you got slop.

At 11:54 PM 8/17/97 -0400, you wrote:
>     I have recently noticed at the back of soil reports for my projects that
>some soil engineering firms include language that says the report scope of
>services does not include time for responses to government agency comments,
>and responses will be at additional hourly rates.    It used to be a soil
>report was never questioned here, but since the earthquake, some
>jurisdictions have been having soil engineering consultants plan check the
>submitted soil reports. 
>     This seems appropriate to me.
>     My standard practice has been to include building department plan check
>comment responses as part of the original fee. The problem is , some
>jurisdictions regularly approve my plans with minor or no comments while
>others can create hours of engineering time and days of drafting time (
>$1000s).  On the other hand, I have plan checked over 5000 plans in 13 years
>as a contract plan check engineer so i know this is not unique to me. 
>     I think it would be fair to follow the soil engineers and charge hourly
>for plan check comments but I can see resistance to change.
>     I would really appreciate hearing what others are doing. 
>     Most of my work is type V and III.
>     Thanks in advance.
>     Tom Harris, SE
>     Thousand Oaks, CA
Robert Marmaduke PE
POB 28995, Bellingham, WA 98228
360.738.0854 VOX/FAX