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The Architect does not have any "extra" money to pay you for these
additional charges, unless he takes it out of his fee.  The Owner
doesn't want to be hit up for additional money either.  Both the
Architect and the Owner want to know what  it will cost them up-front.
They do not want to be nickled and dimed to death for every little
extra.  You need to cover this plan check fee in your basic fee, and
"average" it out over all your projects.  If you know in advance that
plan check will be an issue, then you can allocate for it in your fee up
front.  When we do school or hospital work, we know that we are in for a
tough plan check ahead of time, and our fee reflects this.  Military
work reviewed by the Army Corp can also be tough at times.
Do your best to cover the plan check fee in your fixed fee for the
project.  If you become a whiner with your hand out for extra money all
the time, no one will want to work with you.


HARRISENGR(--nospam--at) wrote:

> I have recently noticed at the back of soil reports for my projects
> that
> some soil engineering firms include language that says the report
> scope of
> services does not include time for responses to government agency
> comments,
> and responses will be at additional hourly rates.    It used to be a
> soil
> report was never questioned here, but since the earthquake, some
> jurisdictions have been having soil engineering consultants plan check
> the
> submitted soil reports.
>      This seems appropriate to me.
>      My standard practice has been to include building department plan
> check
> comment responses as part of the original fee. The problem is , some
> jurisdictions regularly approve my plans with minor or no comments
> while
> others can create hours of engineering time and days of drafting time
> (
> $1000s).  On the other hand, I have plan checked over 5000 plans in 13
> years
> as a contract plan check engineer so i know this is not unique to me.
>      I think it would be fair to follow the soil engineers and charge
> hourly
> for plan check comments but I can see resistance to change.
>      I would really appreciate hearing what others are doing.
>      Most of my work is type V and III.
>      Thanks in advance.
>      Tom Harris, SE
>      Thousand Oaks, CA