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plan check ethics

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Preface: I don't intend this to be a diatribe against all plan-checkers, by
any means.
I enjoyed the previous ethics postings, how about this one:
I have recently been going 'round and 'round with a hired plan checker for a
County building department on a slab design.  I spent thirty minutes
explaining that Vs, the steel shear reinforcement capacity, is conservatively
disregarded in slabs, and this plan checker not only disagreed, but claimed
that I was lying!  He couldn't even understand that it's _conservative_ to
disregard it!  So I finally pointed him toward '94 UBC 1911.5.5.1.  I found
it strange that he was not only ignorant, but combative.
Explaining fundamentals to such a cantakerous bad apple is beyond reason and
certainly beyond the scope of the contract -- but the County has no P.E's on
staff to appeal to.  So often, we grant this idiocy validity in our desperate
effort to expedite the project, but it amounts to extortion.  Because
pursuing it further 1) takes time we don't have, and 2) opens ourselves up to
unnecessary liability concerning other, non-related details (what engineer
would want to sit through a hearing with the opposing lawyer reading through
the entire code and asking, did you follow the code exactly here on page 1?
 page 2?  etc.)
I'd be interested to see how other engineers deal with this, thanks,
Brian Veit, P.E.