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Re: DRFT - Dedicated Drafters vs. Engineers Drafting Their Own

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>We figured that
>this would be a good opportunity to evaluate our
>current setup and look into an alternate setup
>that someone in our office suggested.
Might be worht a try. I've been doing my own reports for years, including 
sketching and all the grammar and spell checking. Saves me a lot of 
proofing which I am no good at. You just want to make sure that the 
engineers who start with their own drafting are really good enough to 
make polished drawings in a timely manner. Lots of engineers really don't 
know enough drafting to do it. I never wsa that good, despite 5 quarters 
of drafting and descriptive geometry in school (I'm dating myself, I 
know). I think the secret is in being to organize the work to make the 
work succinct but definitive. Anyway, good luck.

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